Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is He/She Really the Best?!

Remember those times when you see 'American Idol' and wonder if she's really the best? When you see Takeru Kobayashi eating hotdogs and exclaimed, "Is he human???", does it ever come to you that maybe he's not the best hotdog-eater in the world, but just the best to attend Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? Did you ever imagine if it's possible for 2 different players to compete against each other, regardless of restrictions on time and space, sort of like Rocky competing with Mason?

Well, here's the chance. We're developing a record hosting platform for you to prove that you ARE better. Users are required to record a video clip to identify that they really did what they claimed, and internet users will decide if the record is trustworthy. Users from different countries, different timezones can now compete together without problems. Under their own terms. You decide the title, others challenge for the crown. Who's the champion? You never know. Maybe the winner is your friend Bob right now, and next minute it might be Sarah from New Jersey.

So have fun playing Recordcup and submitting your own stuff. See if you can eat more hotdogs than Takeru Kobayashi. Or maybe you can jump higher than Michael Jordan. Who knows? Maybe you're the next world champion next door.