Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recordcup - Ranking method

When you play with Recordcup, you may find two different result between contests :

Quantification and non-quantification.

What is quantification ? For example, the tallest man, tallest woman, fastest 400m male athlete...

that can be counted and gave an accurate number to judgment contest rank.

In quantification contest, you can pick your favorite candidate but it will not influence contest rank. The result will sort by real record. You can find knowledge and likes / dislikes trend in this contest.

What is non-quantification ? For example, best Michael Jordan slam dunk ever, most dangerous job, the most sexy bikini... that judged by people's impression or reaction.

So in non-quantification contest, your pick will influence contest result. The more you pick means candidate get more cups.

What are you waiting for ? Play now!!

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