Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now, you can search in Chinese

If you are a Chinese user visit Recordcup, you can use our new function - Chinese search.

In the past we can only search English that made some inconvenient to search in Chinese. Now, you can search and type tags in Chinese, both traditional and simplified is supported.

Check it out and enjoy!!


Recordcup 網站現在起支援中文搜尋。搜尋和建立英文 tag 已經是過去式了,現在起,不論是繁體中文或是簡體中文都可以拿來搜尋喔。快來試用看看吧!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recordcup 重新上線

在停機了約四個工作天之後,Recordcup 又回來了。

這次的停機主要是搬遷機房到亞洲,未來亞洲的使用者觀看 Recordcup 可以享有更高的速度與品質。

讓我們繼續在 Recordcup 上面挖寶吧。


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Server migrations

We're moving!

Recordcup is now moving to a new server farm and will be back online soon. The whole migration process will take about 2 days.

Please be patient and stick with us, we'll be back soon!

[Update] We're back online!